General infoEdit

Date of Birth: 1997 Nov 17th

Nicknames: Plange, La Plongée

BMI: 23.754

Weight: 69Kg

Height: 173cm (5’8)

Position: Winger

Teams: Croydon FC (08-09), Ex Blues (2011-12) – Tudor FC/Homesdale FC

School: St John’s Primary – Bishop Justus Secondary.

Nationality: Cuban, Guyanese and Ghanaian.

Early lifeEdit

Anthony is of Guyanese, Cuban and Ghanaian decent he is the only child in the family that has that. Anthony has three other siblings (Tyrone 22) (Venisha 17) (Georgina 6) all his siblings have different fathers. Anthony has always had a talent for football but never realised until the early years in secondary school. Anthony was always distracted by different things before his revelation for instance before seriously taking up football he used to Skateboard, Basketball and Netball. Anthony has experience in a range of positions as he has played Centre forward, Striker, Left back, Left Midfield and currently Left and Right Wing. That makes Anthony a very versatile player. Anthony currently Lives with his Grandma in Penge Anthony’s grandma was very keen on education and Anthony didn't really bother in year 7-8 so that meant Anthony’s  grades were very low and was predicted Low grades. Anthony’s Grandma and older Brother caught wind of the situation and acted very quickly on the situation for example they would both come to parents evening and motivate me to be better. Anthony was starting to improve his grades in year 9 but the end of term grades showed that all his efforts were in vain, disheartened about revelation in year 10 Anthony worked silently After school to catch up on missing work, Teachers and family members motivated Anthony and supplied extra help like tutors. Anthony has currently finished year 10 on a good foot getting higher grades in English, maths and Religious education. Anthony needs to improve in P:E but lacks in theoretical  side of P:E. PE is one of Anthony’s  Favourite subjects to learn and the Biology involved in it makes it very interesting for him. Let us hope that he will finish year 11 the way he wants.

Playing Style & Training style

Anthony is commonly known for Speed, Fast Dribbling with flamboyant Tricks and flicks and Accurate shooting under Pressure,  Anthony is also very agile.i nconsistent at times when it comes to scoring goals but when he does he scores loads. Anthony has is 

a very tolerable player and he can stay cool in loads of heated situations and still can keep the team together. Every player has their weaknesses and Plange has many that needs improvement is for example his weak foot is very poor his cardiovascular fitness is a bit below average but still needs improvement and his ball control he is not strong on the ball. The type of training Anthony does is Fartlek, continuous and weight training. Fartlek will help me play a full 90-120 match and Continuous training will help me greatly in his search for better cardiovascular fitness and it will also increase his stamina. Anthony needs to do Progressive weight training in order to play with big & strong defenders and he will be working on cardio in the gym. In order to make his weak foot quality he will need to work on some skill related fitness’s like Co-ordination and balance to give him a template of training.

The big Injury 

Tibia and fibia 1

The first part of his injury

Tibia and Fibula 2

The second part of His injury

Anthony had trial training with Crystal palace FC but a disaster happened in plange’s career that could change his career and it did. He fractured his tibia and fibula in his left leg 

from two hard challenges for the ball. Anthony had to miss 24 months without football and time was running out. Anthony who was 17 at the time was nearly able to be cleared fit but he got invited Arsenal trial from the same scout at crystal palace who was willing to give him a second chance but he wouldn’t be fit enough to play the trial. Anthony went to an urban sports clinic and asked for advice on the dilemma the person at the clinic offered him an illegal drug and disguised as an healing agent the drug was called Narcotic analgesics he told him how to use it and what it does and through his knowledge of illegal drug to aid sportspeople through tough situations like his, because he knew that it will mask the pain but then he knew that after the trial his injury would get worse , he contemplated the idea then refused the drug because he knew that he would of got caught and its wrong and motivated himself to wait and search for other trials.


Youth Career Statistics
Team App Goals Assists
Croydon FC 18 14 Not recorded
Ex blues 14 12 7
Tudor FC 0 0 0
Bishop Justus 27 21 Not recorded
Total 59 47 7 ?


Anthony is the fastest in year 11.                                                                                                                                         He is very interested about General knowledge.                                                                                                           In the Top Ten ranking in year 11 Anthony Came 5.                                                                                     He has capped the school team on One ocassion.                                                                                       He is captain for the Devonish Football squad.

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